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What TV Movie?
The Angel fans fought a valiant battle to try to save Angel. While there's virtually no hope of the show returning for a sixth season, there does seem to be the possibility of tv movies next year on the WB according to Garth Ancier: "[We] have an offer on the table to Joss to do movies" and Kristin at Eonline: "I hear the Powers That Be at the WB have approached Joss Whedon about doing at least a movie-of-the-week or two (possibly as many as six) next season--thanks in large part to the folks at Save Angel.

The Problem? David Boreanaz isn't interested.

The Solution: Faith TV Movie(s)!

So there you have it. We need to get the WB, 20th Century Fox and Mutant Enemy motivated to make these TV movies happen.

Why Faith?
Faith is one of the best characters to lead a tv movie, since there is so much more that can be done with her character. Faith is hugely popular and such a dynamic character.

What about Eliza?
There's no Faith without Eliza, but she has expressed her interest in continuing to play Faith, recently at the San Diego Comic Con in July and to the Boston Herald in 2003 when she said, "Joss and I discussed the (Faith) spinoff as an idea, and I want to work with him again, whether it's a spinoff or a film. I love his writing. He's the man."

Fox has postponed the premiere of Tru Calling Season 2 to 2005 and reduced the episode order to 6 episodes. Eliza should be available to film a Faith tv movie starting in October.

What to do
The campaign has three targets - Mutant Enemy, The WB and 20th Century Fox. We need all three of them to work together on a Faith tv movie (or any new Angel or Buffyverse project). We need to continue the momentum built by the Save Angel campaigns and send a clear message to them that we want Faith included in any project they have planned.

Send postcards, call, fax and email them asking for a Faith TV Movie.

The WB
There are two targets at the WB: Presidents David Janollari and Garth Ancier.

David Janollari
The WB Network
4000 Warner Blvd Building 34R
Burbank, CA 91522

Garth Ancier
Whe WB Network
4000 Warner Blvd Building 34R
Burbank, CA 91522

E-mail: faces@thewb.com

20th Century Fox (the company that produces Angel and Buffy)
There are three targets at Fox: Presidents Gary Newman and Dana Walden and Gail Berman.

Gary Newman
Twentieth Century Fox Television
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 88, Room 29
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Dana Walden
Twentieth Century Fox Television
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 88, Room 29
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: 310-369-5962

Gail Berman
Twentieth Century Fox Television
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 100 Room 4450
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Email: askfox@foxinc.com

Joss Whedon
Joss Whedon needs to return to network tv:

Joss Whedon
C/o Mutant Enemy Productions
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Get the word out and let's make this happen!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions email webmaster@faiththevampireslayer.com


Send as many postcards as possible to all of our targets!

Print one of our graphics or send postcards from your city.

Just make sure the message is clear - we want a Faith TV Movie

Want to submit your own postcard designs? Email webmaster@faiththevampireslayer.com

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